As a child, I went to a Christian School in Houma, La. called Grace Christian and graduated from H.L. Bourgeois in 1980. I went into the Marines on my 18 birthday then immediately to community college. In the Process, I could see God working in my life since I welcomed Him in 1972 in Houma, LA. I went to South Louisiana Vocational Technical Institution for climate control in the early '80's and graduated as an honor student. My first instructor was Mr. Dan Breaux who worked for Rouse's supermarkets in Houma, La. taking care of all their Electrical and Refrigeration needs. Later, Mr. James Naquin, came in from working offshore to teach us. He was known as "Chief," due to being the Chief of the Thibodaux Fire Department. Then there was, Mr. Garrett in Associate Studies which was like a Library of all related studies that we needed. It was where we took the test and read a lot of material. It was definitely a very hard class and technical. The ones that were fortunate enough to graduate had a hard time getting a break because the A/C industry required a lot of experience, so very few continued in the A/C business.

I worked in the Oil Field as a Roustabout until I got a break with North American Ship Building as a Marine Electrician. North American was a very good company to work for. Over a year later, I ran into Frank Miller; an old friend from the neighborhood who had started a business he called Miller's Electrical Maintenance. He had plenty of work and needed help, so I started sub-contracting through him for Petrol Marine, Montco, Christie Industries, International Seafood Traders, Sea-Tang Seafood Industries, and many others doing the refrigeration side of the business. That was good for a while until I became an independent Contractor as Michel's A/C & Electrical #tagline"Don't Lose Your Cool." I ran up and down all the bayous of South Louisiana, flew offshore out of Port Fourchon, worked out of Biloxi, Ms. and many ports doing marine refrigeration to work on the rigs, jack-up barges, tugboats, and what not. That was a good thing until it slowed up in the Oil Field, resulting in me going back to Garyville, LA. I headed back to the river where I was born and raised until 1972 when we went to Houma with my Dad working for Pennzoil as Production Superintendent. I figured with the plants on the river, work would be more stable. In 1995, I went to work for Michel's Electrical & Mechanical Contractors which is my first cousin Mark Michel. We worked in the Petro Chemical plants, oil refineries, sugar refineries, grain elevators maintaining their equipment an also doing commercial and residential. After a year, I went back on my own and changed my Name to Jeffco as Jerry Danos at Christie Industries used to call my name at the shipyard. It was a name that stuck! I worked the Laplace, Hammond, Gonzales and Livingston areas in 1997, then we moved to Livingston in 1999, which I call "God's Country." Primarily consisting of conservative Christian people with a lot of dogs and hunting, just as I did my whole life. HVAC team.

In 2010 we quit advertising in Laplace and ventured more into East Baton Rouge and up to St. Franisville and the Felicians, North Tangipoha to Kentwood, up to Clinton and across to Franklinton and down to Covington. We are primary covering Ascension, Livingston, Tangipahoa and East Baton Rouge but have worked in Lafayette, Grand Isle, McComb, MS. and many other places where we have met so many people over the years. We are doing central Heating, Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration with LA State License Mechanical #33078. As a small child, I did A/C and Refrigeration, Electrical and Plumbing with my Daddy and Uncles who did Electrical and Refrigeration on the side. It was in my blood as a young child to do this with many family members who became Electrical/Instrumentation in the plants and Independent Contractors. A/C, Heat, Refrigeration, Plumbing, and Electrical is all I've ever done. That is also what helped me move from offshore is I felt more comfortable on land running Beagles and working than I did offshore fishing and working. I was more of a hunter than a fisherman like some people are more of a fisherman than a hunter. Dogs, Horses, Chickens and all types of farm animals is something I always had and enjoyed.

Well, to skip a few years, Lisa and I moved to Chauvin in 1992 just before Hurricane Andrew. We started going to Word of Life Church on Bayouside Dr. Pastors Dwayne and Rachel Bland, also an old neighborhood friend of the family, his Mama and my Mama, we're all in Bible Studies together. Pastor Dwayne Bland, is now at Thibodaux Community Church. He went from Deep South Terrebonne Parish; Chauvin, La. to North Lafourche Parish; Thibodaux, La., So when we moved from Chauvin, LA to Garyville, LA, which is St. John the Baptist Parish, we started going to Jesse Duplanitis's Church in Destrehan, LA. He ignited a new fire in us to be about the Father's business. Then, when we came to Livingston in 1999, we went to Freedom Worship Center and had some great Bible teaching at Brother Earl & Sister Tottie McDonald, Sister Evelyn Ackerman, and Pastor Bud Plake. We also had a great time at Unity Prayer Center Brother & Sister Delmas Taylor. Since 2000, we were at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge with Pastor Larry Stockstill and now Pastor Johnathon Stockstill and our spiritual mentors/best friends Brother Fred & Sister Brenda Mack. It's been a wonderful journey to watch ourselves grow in the things of God and that launched our ministry to go to nursing homes and other places. We played music and simply enjoyed the fellowship with people. We even took a miniature donkey to Golden Age Nursing Home in Denham Springs and took it to Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge for Easter. That little Sicilian donkey was well loved!

Written By: Jeffrey Michel Sr.

I am the proud wife of Jeffrey Michel Sr; owner of Jeffco Heating & Air Conditioning. I've always knew Jeffrey to be a leader in everything he does. He takes his responsibility of husband, father and business owner very serious and he never quits. He has a military background and fights for all God has entrusted to him. My husband is Jeffco and Jeffco is my husband. I can say without any resistance that, " Jeffco Heating & Air conditioning has been a success due to Jeffrey keeping God first in everything he does. Jeffrey has always had strong traditions set by his parents for serving others and "Jeffrey loves people." I mean truly loves people with a holy love. From the day I met him till now he has never changed. Jeffrey's strong morals and traditions plus hard work, long hours, his appreciation for challenges, creativity, perseverance and integrity has grown his business and provided good jobs that gives back to the community.

Customers have peace of mind and trust that Jeffrey personally oversees every job that comes in and looks out for every one of his customers. Because he is so observant and wise beyond his age, we say jokingly but respectfully, Jeffco Heating and Air Condition has it own personal "Owl" and it has brought a blessing on this company. Jeffrey's family values coupled with his own personal style and his great love for people has been foundational in building the company into what it is today and even though he has celebrated many successes over the years he has remained a humble servant. Jeffco Heating and Air Condition provides convenient locations, friendly and knowledgeable phone receptionist, experienced and respectable technicians and Jeffco's simple pricing.

Jeffrey and I have two sons. Jeffrey and Justin who have always been best friends and never fought all their lives. Now, they work for us and go out as a team. Our long time customers say, "They are just like their Father; very respectful, honest and professional". They are 27 and 25 years old now but I remember a time when they were going on jobs at 19 and they looked so young when they would show up at the peoples houses they were watched like hawks and scrutinized for their ability to properly diagnose and resolve the a/c problem but by the time they left the people were so impressed they just had to call into the office to brag on this brother team and they would always say, "They can come fix our A/C anytime." This only made our sons better today at what they do because they had to find their own style and confidence. Justin and Jeffrey are equally talented and their gifts compliment one another. They make a great team and we are very proud of them.

Jeffco Heating and Air condition is a great company to do business with. We care deeply for one another, our team and our customers.

Written by: Lisa Michel